How to avoid divorce

Almost every married couple is wondering: how to avoid divorce? Ideally, of course, a family psychologist will help you find the answer, but people themselves should find out the necessary information, it won't hurt.
It is far from a secret that every person, long before the beginning of family life, had an idea of an ideal relationship. Between the sexes, this layout differs only in that a woman dreams of perfect love, and a man dreams of an ideal woman.
Often this leads to the fact that a man marries the woman he thought for himself, and not the one who is in reality. After some time, realizing his mistake, the man becomes confident that he has fallen out of love with his wife. Although this is rather stupid, because a man chose a woman, married her, and the fact that over time it seems to him that his wife is not at all the same as she was before the wedding is his fault. A woman does not change, the standard of the ideal in a man's thinking changes. In relationships, and in everything else, a man trusts logic more than feelings.
In this case, everything is much simpler for a woman. Women are very observant by nature, they are better able to adapt and pretend than men, and they also trust their intuition more than logic. Women perceive the world differently, if Men, feelings and images, that's what a woman's right hemisphere sees. Plus, women have a very developed unique ability to be on the same wavelength with a person. A woman rarely makes mistakes in people, because she listens to her sixth sense. So she can't be disappointed in her husband, because she initially knew who she was marrying. If the marriage has come to an end, the thought comes that there was no love. Because women firmly believe that love is eternal and cannot leave.
Some people may say that if a man has fallen out of love with his wife, then it is her fault, otherwise it would not have happened. For some reason, men are used to blaming all the blame on their women, it's easier for them to shift the blame to their wife than to admit that they married the wrong one. The reason lies in the upbringing of men. My mother's upbringing is to blame for this. Often mothers treat their son more tolerantly than their daughter.
It is possible to understand this problem for a long time. The main thing is for men to understand that if you are disappointed in your wife, only you are to blame for this, and not at all the wife or the friend who introduced you. After all, this is entirely your choice, whatever it may be. You just need to understand your choice and not be afraid to seek help from a family psychologist. Pin-Up kazino dünyasında özünəməxsus təmsilçidir və marağı cəlb edən çoxsaylı oyun seçimləri təqdim edir. Pin Up adı ilə tanınan bu kazino, oyunçulara unikal bir oyun təcrübəsi və cazibədar bonuslar təklif edir. Oyun dünyasının ən gözəl örnəklərindən biri olan Pin Up kazino, marağın və dizaynın ən cazibədar birləşdiyi bir yerdir. Hər bir oyunçu, Pin Up platformunda marağına uyğun oyunları rahatlıqla tapa bilər və oyunlarda nailiyyət qazanmağa nailiyyət qazanır. Əyləncə və oyun zövqü axtarırsınızsa, pinup tam da sizin üçün hazırlanmışdır.

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